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How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From Hurricanes

How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From Hurricanes

Nicholas Blake |

Atlantic Hurricane Fabric Shutters are the best hurricane shutter protection system to protect your home and outdoor furniture. 

Many individuals are unaware that protecting their garage door and lanai areas is just as important as the window and entry doors of a specific home. 

Both garage and lanai areas of a home tend to have large valuable items in them. Protecting these items from being damaged and or the items damaging the home themselves is very important. 

The best fabric hurricane shutters. protect your home from every hurricane in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia

The lanai for example has outdoor furniture, pool supplies, grilling equipment and more! In a hurricane all of these items can easily become projectiles and damage your home and others around it. 

With Atlantic Hurricanes Fabric Shutter system that is no longer a problem. Our Hurricane shutters can be custom cut to protect you entire garage or lanai! In return that protects your family, home, belongings and your wallet. 

Florida hurricane fabric shutter protection

Catastrophic loss of pressure especially associated with severe Cat 4 and Cat 5 hurricanes, gains its way into your residence via the garage door and lanai openings. This loss of pressure is much more severe than losing a window or door as the opening is larger increasing the risk of the roof tearing off of the home —then whole home failure.

The larger the opening, the more vulnerable it usually is. When a Category 4 or Category 5 storm hits your neighborhood—the extremely low-pressure associated with the storms actually can do more damage than the wind.

Here’s how it works. When a Cat 5 storm hits, the high pressure in your home is trying to escape—so there is actually as much negative pressure (the sucking action against widows and entry doors) as there is positive pressure (the wind load or wind against your home—the blowing action). Once an opening of your home is compromised than the entire home is compromised and the garage door and lanai areas should be viewed as a large entry door for the storm. 

Choose Atlantic Hurricane Fabric Shutters and be safer during a storm!