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The Blake family business dates back to 1994 when Eddie, a master builder, and Deanna, a skilled designer, founded Blake Construction. For over a decade, they built and designed new constructions, honing their expertise in the industry. However, the housing crash of 2008 forced them to pivot quickly to a related field to sustain their family, which included their 13-year-old son Nicholas and his 8-year-old triplet siblings.

In 2009, the Blake family opened a small store, Domestic Possessions. Leveraging their extensive experience in building and design, Eddie and Deanna seamlessly transitioned into the furniture and design industry. During this financially challenging time, they began training Nicholas. Deanna taught him design, product, and buying, while Eddie educated him on manufacturing, logistics, and how a business operates. By the age of 20, Nicholas had become a professional in the industry, equipped with comprehensive knowledge and skills to operate the company.

Poised to become a major player in the home furnishing market. Nicholas took the helm of Domestic Possessions, driving their brand into new markets and establishing our company as a leader in the industry. His commitment to excellence and his innovative approach to business have been key factors in the company's success. Today, Domestic Possessions is synonymous with quality, style, and family values, reflecting the dedication and the hard work of the entire Blake family.

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